Athletic Information for Tuesday’s game against ATC in Santa Fe at 5:00pm



Student Athletes and parents alike MUST CHECK IN WITH THE DR. OWL APP - BEFORE coming onto campus - here is our direct link - they can check in anytime today as a Visitor or Student Athlete -


There are here are step by step instructions to send to your parents on how to purchase their tickets - they are NOT available at the door -  20 tickets total for visitors to purchase for our game tonight there will NOT be any tickets sold at the door - it MUST be done on line and there is a 2 ticket limit per purchase.


Here is the website for Ticket Purchase:


Click on Grades 7-12 and select Academy for Technology and the Classics


Our list of Activities / Items that families can purchase show up in a long list:


You want your parents to look for this activity # and Activity Name SPECIFICALLY - By Scrolling ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE - Our game is the LAST activity for your purchase.


Parents check the box next to the basketball and click add to cart button - QTY can be adjusted to 2 on the next screen and click the grey update button - Then click the blue check out button:


Parents MUST create an account here:


Once their account is created - the next screen shows their shopping cart where they MUST add their student


They ADD A STUDENT PROFILE:  Their child's first name, last name and use their phone number as a student ID:


The next screen shows their shopping cart again and they then click the drop down arrow next to Select Student Profile and select their student that they just created - and click the Yellow Next Button


From there they fill in their information for a Visa/Mastercard - their address etc and purchase their tickets as normal.


A ticket is not issued - we will keep a check list here at the door of folks who have purchased their tickets - only those people on the list will be allowed entry.  


Again - there is a limit of 2 tickets per purchase and a total of 20 tickets ONLY.

No Personal Checks