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Antonette Serrano

Board President

Antonette Serrano joined the Jemez Mountain School Board in March 2015 .  She is a lifetime resident of Gallina and a former Coronado High School graduate.  She has two children attending Coronado High School. 

Ms. Serrano has been an active parent volunteer in the school district, serving on the Jemez Mountain Community PTA.   Aside from her volunteer work, Antonette is also employed by Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Security Investigator and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science.  

She is passionate about the Jemez Mountain school district and their level of excellence.  She looks forward to helping shape our schools’ future in a time of change, making it a safe environment where our children can build a foundation to their successes.

Emily Vigil

Board Vice-President

Emily Trujillo-Vigil was the former President of the Jemez Mountain Board of Education.  Prior to serving on the Board, Mrs. Vigil was a classroom teacher for 17 years and an administrator at all levels in the Jemez Mountain School district for 18 years.  One of her most challenging positions for JMS was serving as Elementary Principal and Instructional Coordinator for Lybrook, Largo Canyon, Lindrith, Gallina and Coyote. 

One of her most precious memories was awarding diplomas and turning the tassels on many of her former first graders. She was extremely privileged to teach and collaborate with a team of educators who arrived at JMS in 1970 and thereafter who dedicated themselves to pursuing excellence in education and other school activities.  She is also very proud of some of her former students who returned as teachers to JMS to carry on the tradition of pursuing excellence in education and providing meaningful school activities in the wake of budget restraints and low enrollment. 

Mrs. Vigil’s three children graduated from Coronado High School and her grandson recently graduated from Coronado High School.  She also has a grandson at the Mid School and several nieces and nephews who attend JMS.  Mrs. Vigil ran for the Board of Education because she felt JMS had trained her well and it was a chance or her to give back to the JMS community by utilizing her knowledge and expertise as well as to be part of a team who would make sound decisions on behalf of the educational needs of our students.

Pearl Trujillo

Board Member

Pearl Trujillo started her four year term on March 1st of 2015. She is a proud graduate of Jemez Mountain Schools and currently has her three children attending Jemez Mountain Schools. She is  from Llaves and has lived there with her family for most of her life. She has been an active volunteer at Jemez Mountain Schools for almost ten years with the school plays, coaching elementary basketball, the books and clock for the elementary middle School and high school basketball; and middle and high school volleyball. She is also a member of PAC and PTA. She made the decision to run for Jemez Mountain school board so that she could not only make a difference in her own children’s lives but for all the children in our surrounding communities within our district.

Blanche Domingo

Board Member

Robert Vigil

Board Secretary

Before the family moved to Española, Robert attended Jemez Mountain Public Schools while he was in the early primary grades. He graduated from Española High in 1991 and served 10 years in the New Mexico National Guard.

Robert worked for Cuba Police Department for 7 years and since then, has been with Española Police Department for 8 years. Robert and his family now reside in Gallina. Both of his children attend Jemez Mountain Public Schools.  Robert is a very active parent supporting both of his children with their academic programs as well as their chosen sports.

Robert ran for the Board of Education to be a part of a team that will make a positive difference in the lives of all of the children that attend Jemez Mountain Public Schools.