Jemez Mountain Public Schools

Federal Aid Impact Program

Federal Impact Aid Funds are distributed to local educational agencies (LEAs) through a grant administered by the United States Department of Education. The Impact Aid Program was also known as Title VIII.

The Jemez Mountain School District receives these federal funds for the education of our students and recorded in the New Mexico State Equalization Guarantee (SEG.) Impact Aid funds are received when our school district apply for the Federal Impact Aid Grant.

The Impact Aid dollars are only received by determining the number of Federally Connected Students. We count the number of students who live on Federal Property, or live on housing and urban development property, have parents or guardians’ working on Federal Property, or have a parent or guardian on active duty in the United States Armed Forces. There are other qualifiers for us and we use them but, the ones listed above are our main qualifiers.

The Federal Properties surrounding Alamogordo are exempt from paying property taxes. This exemption prevents our school district and New Mexico from receiving any property tax dollars. This program assists school districts like ours with the much needed funds to operate and fills a small part of the lack of property taxes.

The Jemez Mountain Public School District has received these Impact Aid funds for years. As mentioned before, the funds received are used for the education of students, all students in APS.

To successfully apply for the Grant, APS needs parent and guardian assistance. We need a completed and signed Impact Aid Survey Form. The Impact Aid form has to be completed every year. We are asking for you to complete and sign the Survey Forms at the school. The form is also available on the our website. After completing the form, we need it returned to your student’s teacher or school office.

Be assured, the information collected, is held in the strictest of confidence.

If you have questions regarding Impact Aid, please contact the Jemez Mountain Public School’s Transportation / Operations Office at 123-456-7890 or 123-456-7890 and we will assist. 

The following link is to the United States Department of Education and should also help with questions you may have:

Office of Impact Aid Programs

As we said earlier, the Impact Aid Survey Form with the survey date at the top will be handed to your child at school. The date on the top of the form is very important. We ask you, as a parent or guardian of a student attending APS to complete the form, sign it and return the form.

Every survey form returned will be counted for enrollment and reviewed. Some specific information we will be checking are:

Students name, address, school attending, grade and date of birth.

Student living on federally owned property, on the survey date

Active Duty Military, on the survey date

Civilian working on military land,  on the survey date

Working on federally owned property, on the survey date

Living on federally owned property, on the survey date

Living on Housing and Urban Development (HUD) property, on the survey date


Impact Aid Survey Form(not live link yet)